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Dear Reader: This blog is a carry forward of writings I have done for the past 10 years, most recently as the Founding CEO and Chairman of Orbitz. As of July 2006, I've taken on the role of CEO of LeapFrog Enterprises, a maker of technology-based learning product for kids. So, on occasion I'll post an update for my friends and former colleagues around the world. Cheers! PS: Blog's enabled for RSS 2.0. So just set up the feed into your Reader (

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Good Morning All...........

For those folks who've been reading this blog I wanted to make sure that you've seen the obvious.

First, I've accepted a new job effective immediately(July 2006), as Chief Executive Officer of LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. LeapFrog is an incredible company with a remarkable story. For me it's a new challenge and I hope to assist the management team in writing a few new successful chapters.

LeapFrog and me......while indeed this move is something I didn't predict when I joined the board of directors of the Company, what ultimately lured me out of post-Orbitz-retirement was the chance to get immersed in another great company. LeapFrog is one of those rarities in the corporate world with a great purpose (to help educate young people) and great assets(people, products, brand).

Ultimately LeapFrog was ready for strategic change, and the board wanted to more fully exercise my experience in leading entrepeneurial organizations (such as Orbitz) that leverage technology to make a positive impact on consumers. Since I've served on the board of the Company for a year, and I've had the opportunity to get to know it in substantive detail and discussion through my work on its audit and strategy committees, it will be a change for me to be sure, but new to me, the LeapFrog business is not.

Now, you've also noticed that I've deleted all prior posts to my Good Morning blog. I wrote the blog for friends and colleagues from my former lives who wanted to stay up-to-date. Well, you're now completely up to-date.

So, please stay in touch and wish you well,



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